Creating a pleasant and workable environment for business travelers, increases the potential for these hotel hoppers to return to your place of hospitality as-well-as gain a high probability of recommending your services to their networks. Hoteliers can succeed this by accommodating business travelers necessary requirements. These requirements are likely to be specific and differentiate with tourist requirements.

A business traveler who is able to work functionally, practically and in comfort is more likely to frequent a hotel as this decreases their stress of finding and booking another business-friendly hotel whilst assured of the ability to do productive work.

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A Distinction Project

GET THE BALANCE RIGHT! Ensure you provide requirements for your business travelers that doesn’t impede on your tourist traveler essentials. Some needs are the same for both travelers ie…Clean, quiet rooms; polite staff, local taxi information etc.


Here are suggestions to making your business guests feel more productive and comfortable to perform work tasks.

  1. Tables and Chairs

This is a top priority for any business traveler. A workable-level table for a laptop and a practical (preferably an adjustable) chair to sit on.

  • In hand with this: ideally located plug sockets. These plug sockets should be located close to the table and if not – why not provide an extension cable in the room or note to them that an extension is available at reception.

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2. Good lighting

  1. To keep your business guest alert and awake, a well-lit room (or at least a well-lit work space) helps prevent the urge to chillout in the cosy hotel room and acts as a good start to a productive day. Ensure you have the choice of mood lighting and full spectrum lighting ie dimmer lighting or lamps.
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3. A well insulated room

For business travelers – a quiet space is a must! The quieter the better. If not all your hotel rooms are well insulated to protect from noise interruption, then do consider that the few rooms you have insulated well – should be prioritised for guests that are on business.

However, for any hotel – it is recommended to have all rooms well insulated, as no customer wants to be disturbed by noise.

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4. Good internet access


A business guest most certainly needs internet access to work freely. Again, if not available in your hotel. Do prepare a suggestion to a local cafe/area with wifi.

Free wireless broadband access is most preferable due to it’s flexibility for a business traveler to move around.

5. Good Coffee

Business travelers are expected to be the highest number of guests to consume coffee. Travelers from around the globe are becoming more experienced and more demanding for coffee to stimulate individual work flow – and instant coffee won’t cut it for most. If you have a service for great, quality coffee, you will be their best friends. If you do not, ensure you can kindly offer a local cafe alternative that will cater for them.

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6. Lastly, if you are looking to be even more business-traveler friendly,

Then here are some more requirements business travelers are likely to desire:

  1. Quick turnaround dry cleaning, pressing, shoe shine services.
  2. Beauty salon / Barbour shop with ability to provide last minute services.
  3. Massage services.
  4. Local recommended restaurants, bars and sites
  5. Gym services or areas to play sports
  6. Free local calls long distance calling over the internet
  7. Printing facilities
  8. Conference room availability – look to your local area, if you cannot facilitate this.
  9. Cables and office equipment of all kinds – Local tech shops
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