This May bank holiday and holiday weekends to come, your guests will be looking to explore the new sites that surround their new location as-well-as wind down in their hotel room and take a break from their busy lifestyle. Like a shoulder to cry on, you can provide the cosy, protective environment your residents need, in order to help them relax and let it all go.


  1. Firstly, expected requirements are in order to welcome your guests.

Refreshed tea, coffee, biscuits
Origami towels
Toiletries provided
TV with as many channels as possible
Hotel room service information presented neatly
Friendly staff… etc etc

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  1.  A cosy looking environment.

Encourage your guests to relax with rugs, throws & cushions are THE simplest and most effective accessories to help transform your minimal room into a boudoir of cosy-ness. These soft-feeling accoutrements come to the rescue every time when it comes to comfort.

3. Photo frame service

For frequenting travelling clients, who may be susceptible to loneliness whilst confined in a hotel. If not already a service available at your hotel, why not introduce a photo frame service in which your customers can send a photo prior to arriving and be welcomed with a photo of their loved ones. This is a great service making your customers feel not so far away from home.

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  1. Sofa(Beds) and armchairs

Whether your suite/room has the space for it, a sofa is a wonderful piece of furniture for your residents to feel at home. Watching the TV, or chilling reading a magazine – quaint, comfort is what you’ll be ensuring your guests with their stay.

IF possible, allow your furniture to be moveable – allow your customers to make the room suit their needs and let them create their own feng shui with what suits their mood.

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5.Entrance music

For new builds and refurbishing projects. Timely controlled music for your guests when arriving to their room is a very conscientious and warm touch to your customers stay. Especially if the music is gentle and soft sounding your guests will feel relaxed and comforted by the sounded welcome.




As well as sounding music in the hotel room, music playing in the foyer, entrance and hallways are also a great way to keep residents calm and peaceful.
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Distinction Group