Sofitel - Heathrow Terminal 5


The Brief

Distinction Hotel Furniture was approached by owner Arora Group to help create The Tea Salon, an area that bridges the hotel’s two restaurants and bars providing the perfect place for a meeting or break at Heathrow. Distinction provided all of the loose furniture within the project including stone-topped tables, upholstery, dining chairs and bar stools.

What Was The Process?

Distinction began by providing detailed quotations based on the interior designer specification provided and went through a process of value engineering and material confirmation with Arora Group.

Once the project was won Distinction got to work engineering all pieces of furniture to ensure they were manufactured in the best, most robust way. Upon completion of engineering drawings and client sign-off, the products were sent to our partners for pre-production samples to be made. On this occasion, our client was unable to fly to our factories. As a result of our previous work with the client, we were trusted to manufacture the items without pre-production sample sign-off. Nevertheless, the client was provided with full quality control reports at multiple times during the production process.

The Final Steps

Distinction fitted installed the furniture over a week, ensuring minimal disruption to the day to day running of the hotel. The hotel had plenty of space to allow for the unloading of the furniture within its loading bay without having to create a separate staging area, this made installation quick, efficient and minimised handling.

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The Project in Pictures