Radisson Blu Old Mill - Belgrade

The Brief

Distinction Hotel Furniture was commissioned by Radisson to manufacture a number of upholstery items for their brand new flagship hotel situated in the stunning city of Belgrade. Distinction took the items required from concept, through to technical engineering drawings, all the way through to manufacture using specialist partners around the world.

From Concept to Samples

Radisson engaged Distinction to tender for their project at an early stage. Distinction began by providing detailed quotations based on the interior designer specification provided.

Once the project was won Distinction got to work engineering all pieces of furniture to ensure they were manufactured in the best, most robust way. Upon completion of these engineering drawings they were presented to the client for sign-off and subsequently sent to our partners for pre-production samples to be made.

The Finished Items

The members of the Radisson team were invited to visit our manufacturers to inspect all pre-production samples prior to mass production. Here they were able to offer any last feedback or alterations to the design.

From here final sign-off was received and Distinction green lit mass production of all Radisson Blu items. These were delivered to site on time for the hotel’s successful opening. This hotel is now one of the premier places to stay in Belgrade.

Radisson Blu Belgrade

The Project in Pictures