Doubletree Hilton - Kingston

The Brief

Distinction Hotel Furniture was commissioned by Fileturn, the main contractor on the development of Doubletree Hilton, Kingston to manufacture the full furniture package for the brand new hotel. Distinction worked closely with Fileturn, the developer and the interior designers to ensure that all products were engineered to be both high quality, durable and cost-effective. Once the project had been awarded the client was appointed their own Project Coordinator from the Distinction team to manage to project from the initial stages, all the way through to installation.

How Did The Process Work?

Distinction began by providing detailed quotations based on the interior designer specification provided and went through a process of value engineering and material selections with the client. Once the finishes and alterations were agreed on Distinction then began the process of producing all engineering shop drawings, which were presented to the client for sign-off before being sent to our factory to begin sample production.

As our client was unable to travel to our factories a full sample room was produced and shipped over for the client to approve the construction, quality and suitability of the furniture. Once this had been reviewed Distinction set about mass production and shipping to bring the project in on time.

The Final Steps

The products arrived at the port in plenty of time prior to installation and this was managed by our in-house logistics and installation team. Distinction worked with Fileturn and the other trades on the building to ensure that the furniture was installed and protected during the final stages of the programme. The Doubletree Hilton was voted the best Doubletree in the UK in 2017 by the Hilton staff.

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The Project in Pictures