Hotel Indigo - Leicester Square


The Brief

Distinction worked closely with procurement company, Room Facilities and the owner Criterion Capital in furnishing all 95 hotel rooms with headboards, wardrobes, mirrors, upholstery and other products. Distinction also manufactured custom tiled vanity units for all of the bathrooms in the UK. Once the project had been awarded Room Facilities & Criterion Capital were appointed their own Project Coordinator from the Distinction team to manage to project from the initial stages, all the way through to installation.

What Was The Process?

Distinction was initially approached by Room Facilities to provide a detailed quotation for the interior design scheme provided by Criterion Capital. Once the project was awarded the process of engineering and drawing began. Throughout this process, Distinction worked with the client and the interior designers to make small changes to the design to increase the appearance and durability of the products without altering the design intent.

The client was unable to visit our factories on this occasion so Distinction manufactured a full sample room and shipped it over to the UK for approval prior to mass production. Logistics and quality control was managed by our Hong Kong and China offices, overseen by the Project Coordinator and executive team in the London office.

The Final Steps

The products arrived in the UK in plenty of time prior to installation and this was managed by our in-house logistics and installation team.  Due to the unique positioning of the hotel, we had to unload containers into the basement of the nearby Trocadero, another Criterion Capital building, and move products from there up to the rooms when ready. We worked with multiple trades on site as everyone put in maximum effort to ensure the product could be pulled in within the specified programme. The result is a truly unique hotel with an interior that makes the most of the historic theatre district it sits within.

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The Project in Pictures