Fabricating a hotel’s grand entrance doesn’t have to mean architecture like this…

Palace Hotel

Or this…

The smallest hotel or even a hotel situated in an unlikely location can still deliver a prestigious welcome to their guests. Conceive a glamorous atmosphere with creative design and exude luxury from the inside out! Here are some suggestions:

  1. Textured walls

Enrapture your guests with opulence and entice them to caress contemporary wallpaper. Great wallpaper textures we’d suggest are:
– Vinyl and leather effect pattern, which are both hard wearing and washable.
– Suede fabric, which is not so easy to wash but is simply gorgeous to feel.
– Foil print, for an instant and vibrant luxury look.

Foil Wallpaper designs

2. A Sparkling Statement

Make the lights in the room grande and expansive – a chandelier doesn’t have to be traditional, make it contemporary like this ringed chandelier?

Alternatively, add some crystals/diamantes to lampshades and hanging lights to create a chandelier effect.

Distinction Project
  1. Accessories, features and sculptures to include glamour and expensive sophistication.

Distinction Sculptures

4. Mirror and Chrome

Flawless and untouched characteristic.


Chrome – a futuristic and advanced style to the luxuriousness of the room.



Mirrors – A delicate and fragile characteristic to the room and because every star wants to make sure they look good at every angle.

5. Make it Grand!

Bigger chairs, bolder colour, softer texture. Make your guests feel like they own a thrown!

A Distinction Project

6. Divide the room with a designer screen.

Add an element of heightened sophistication, why not add something out of the ordinary, something different and quirky that you wouldn’t see every day.

Never feel limited by your hotel’s exterior, create the boudoir your guests won’t expect.

*Not all images are by Distinction unless specified